Kadir Ertoğral

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University of Economics and Technology

Industrial Engineering Department

Söğütözü Cad. No:43 06560 Ankara-TURKEY

Phone : + 90-312-2924269 Fax : + 90-312-2924091

E-mail : kertogral (@) etu.edu.tr







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Ph. D. Industrial and Systems Engineering, Lehigh University, USA.

M.S. Industrial and Systems Engineering, Lehigh University, USA.

B.S. Industrial Engineering, Gazi University, TURKEY.



Supply chain management

Integration of inventory control and transportation planning

Vendor-Buyer models

Multi item inventory control

Staff scheduling

Mathematical programming applications in general

Tools used; Mathematical programming and decomposition techniques, Meta-heuristics, System simulation


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Associate Professor, TOBB ETU, Industrial Engineering, TURKEY, May 2010 – Present

Consultant on system analysis and improvement, Inventory analysis and control department, Turkish Ministry of Health, October 2011-March 2012

Consultant on costing and performance evaluation for Turkish National Institute of Statistics, September 2010 – January 2011

Assistant Professor, TOBB ETU, Industrial Engineering, TURKEY, February 2007 – January 2010

Assistant Professor, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), Systems Engineering (Industrial Eng. Program), August 2001 - February 2007

Consultant on system simulation, Saudi Ma’deen Inc., February 2006 - April 2006.

Instructor, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Lehigh University, USA, Fall 1999

Research Assistant, Manufacturing Logistics Institute, Lehigh University, August 1996 - March 2001

Teaching Assistant, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Lehigh University, USA, Spring 1995, Fall 1995, Spring 1996



Member of the research team from Manufacturing Logistics Institute of Lehigh University and Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania on an NSF funded project “Distributed Decision Framework Integrating Manufacturing Planning and Multiple Supply Chain Management” (#DMI-9634808).

Member of the research team from Manufacturing Logistics Institute of Lehigh University on a project with Lucent Technologies, titled “Modeling the Integrated Circuit Supply Chain”

Co-investigator in a project titled “INTEGRATED MANUFACTURER-RETAILER SUPPLY CHAIN MODELS”, two-year project, funded by KFUPM

Principal (sole) investigator in a project titled “MULTI ITEM INVENTORY ORDERING PROBLEM WITH TRANSPORTATION COST”, (9/2005-), 1.5-year project, funded by SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries)/FAST TRACK

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Journal papers indexed by SCI or SCI-E



K. Ertogral, A. Akbalik Raphine, and S. Gonzales, “Modelling and Analysis of the Strategic Fleet Sizing Problem for a Furniture Distributor”,  European Journal of Industrial Engineering, Vol.11, No.1, pp.49 – 77, 2017.


M. Erkoc and K. Ertogral, “Overhaul planning and exchange scheduling for maintenance services with rotable inventory and limited processing capacity”, Computers and Industrial Engineering, Vol. 98, 30-39, 2016.


K. Ertogral, Erkoc, M., and D. H. Ülker, “A production scheduling model and analysis for the maintenance repair and overhaul service providers”, Journal of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Gazi University, 30(3), 513-522, 2015.


K. Ertogral, “A Vendor-buyer lot sizing problem with stochastic demand: An exact procedure under service level approach”, European Journal of Industrial Engineering, vol. 5/1, 101-110, 2011.


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K. Ertogral and B. Bamuqabel, “Developing staff schedules for a bilingual call center with flexible workers”, Computers & Industrial Engineering, vol. 54/1, 118-127, 2008.


M.Ben-Daya, M. Darwish, and K. Ertogral, “Joint economic lot sizing problem; A Review and extensions”, European Journal of Operational Research, vol. 185/2, 726-742, 2008.


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K. Ertogral and M. Rahim, “Replenish-up-to inventory control policy with random replenishment intervals”, International Journal of Production Economics, vol. 93-94, 399-405, 2005.


K. Ertogral and S. D., Wu, “Auction-theoretic coordination of production planning in the supply chain”, IIE Transactions, vol.32, no.10, 931-940, 2000.




Under Review/In progress



N. Karimi and K. Ertogral, “A strategic fleet sizing problem in vendor managed inventory system with predetermined delivery frequencies; A model and analysis”, under review, 2nd revision, Computers and Industrial Engineering


K. Ertogral and F. S. Öztürk, “Integrated production scheduling and workforce capacity planning model for the maintenance and repair operations in airline industry”, under review, 1st revision Computers and Industrial Engineering


K. Ertogral, D. H. Ülker, and M. Erkoc, “A problem space search based heuristic solution approach for overhaul planning and exchange scheduling in maintenance services with multiple types rotable inventories”, manuscript in progress


K. Ertogral and M. S. Tokgoz, “A model and a fix and optimize heuristic for transportation planning problem in a single producer multi buyer system”, manuscript in progress





Refereed Conferences with proceedings


N. D. Karimi and K. Ertogral, “Strategic Fleet Sizing Problem in A Vendor Managed Inventory System With Predetermined Delivery Frequencies; A Fix and Optimize Heuristic”, Proceedings of the 2018 IISE Annual Conference, Orlando, USA.



·         Tokgöz, M. S., Ertogral K, “A fix and optimize heuristic for transportation planning in a single producer multi buyer system”, Proceedings of the XIII. International Logistics & Supply Chain Congress, İzmir, Turkey, 2015.


·         Bayram, H., Şahin R., Ertogral, K., “A linear programming meta-heuristic for the solution of multi period cellular manufacturing system design problem”, Proceeding of joint symposium on IMSS’44 and CIE’44, Sakarya, Turkey, 2014.


·         Meric, E., Gokcek, U., Ertogral, K., Akbalik, A., “Dimensionnement de flotte de véhicules et replanification de distribution pour un grand distributeur de meubles en Turquie”, Proceedings of 13th ROADEF Conference, Angers, France, 2012.


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Refereed Conferences with abstract proceedings


K. Ertogral, M Erkoc and D. H. Ulker, “A Problem Space Search Based Heuristic for Overhaul Planning and Exchange Scheduling in Maintenance and Repair Operations Management”, IISE Annual Conference, Orlando, USA, 2018.


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·         Bilal Meto, Kadir Ertogral, “A Hybrid Perturbation And Genetic Algorithm For The Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem”, 26th European Conference on Operational Research, Rome, Italy, July, 2013.


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·         Kadir Ertogral, Şebnem Varlı, “Devlet Hastaneleri İçin Bir Stok Yönetimi Risk belirleme Sistematiği”, Yöneylem araştırması ve Endüstri Mühendisliği 34. Ulusal Kongresi, Bursa, Haziran 2014.


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·         K. Ertogral and S. D. Wu, “Auction-like Coordination of The Production Planning in Supply Chain Environment”, INFORMS Fall Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, USA, 1999.








·         “A fleet sizing model for vendor managed inventory system under predefined delivery frequency”, with Niousha Karimi


·         “A fix-and-optimize heuristic for a transportation planning problem in single producer multi buyer system”, with M. Serkan Tokgöz


·         “A batch and schedule model and a heuristic solution approach for composite production system”, with Burcu Cansu İnanç


·         “Newsvendor problem with a second order option and transportation costs”, with Gizem S. Nemutlu and Dr. Berrin Aytaç







Lehigh University; Operations Research: Stochastic models


KFUPM; Operations Research II, Stochastic System Simulation, Production Systems and Inventory Control, Engineering Statistics I and II, Sequencing and Scheduling, Introduction to Industrial Engineering, Numerical Methods, Advanced Linear Programming (Graduate course), Advanced System Simulation (Graduate Course)




TOBB ETU; Introduction to Industrial Engineering, Operations Research I and II, Production Systems Planning, Operations Management (MBA course), Advanced Linear Programming (Graduate course), Supply Chain Management, Analytical Models in Supply Chain (Graduate Course)



football, basketball, tennis, poetry, swimming, Turkish classical music, instrumentals, jazz, nature and historic documentaries, traveling.




Turkish (Native tongue)


English (Advanced )


Arabic (Beginner)


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